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"I needed Simmitri to come back out to my home to replace a skylight. They came immediately and were very professional. I am completely satisfied with their customer care and quick communication!"

Anica M.

"Amazing and efficient install. Great Smart home upgrade recommendation. Also, the Battery storage solution made a big difference for us during the recent outages."

Jay E.

"Simmitri provided us with a solution for all of our solar and roofing needs...Everyone at Simmitri was a complete joy to work with. Thank you Simmitri!"

Kathy R

"Simmitri has differentiated themselves by offering a comprehensive approach towards energy. We had been researching companies for a few months before scheduling a meeting with one of Simmitri's energy consultants. After meeting with him, we knew we didn't need to speak with anyone else. His approach was comprehensive advising us on ways we can decrease our energy footprint by looking at not only solar but sealing the house to lose less of the heating and cooling, evaluation of the ductwork to maximize the loss of heating, and sealing gaps. He was able to model in real-time if we wanted to add an electric vehicle or upgrade our old HVAC system to an electrical heat pump. No other company we met with was even close to this level of care and sophistication. If you want real solutions, Simmitri is the company."

Victoria W.

"Great service, highly recommend. Jonathan was great! :)"

Oren S.

"Simmitri Inc. has a high quality of workmanship and great customer service. They respond in a timely manner and keep a professional relationship before, during, and after the project is done. 10/10 would rehire and recommend!"

David G

"The professionalism and work quality are outstanding"

Ramon G

"Very professional team from start to finish! After meeting with a few different roofing and solar companies, it was an easy choice to move forward with Simmitri's solar roof program. Their team was easy to work with and kept me updated every step of the way. Beautiful new roof with a 25-YEAR labor warranty (that is not a typo), gutters, and a solar system that eliminates my PG&E bill! Give them a call."

Jason D.

"If you are looking for solar, roof or gutter option look no further to Simmitri. They have provided all 3 services in my home and I am extremely happy with there service. They will take care of all your needs and wants. Their team is highly professional and ethical."

Roshan L.

"It's been a long time since I've had such professional work done and amazing service. They got the right financing program for my needs and the entire project was done in a very short time. Very responsive, clean job, and stellar communication by everybody across the company. I would recommend to anyone who needs solar or roofing in the Bay Area."

Bernard L.

"I was referred to Simmitri by a coworker who had both solar and a new roof installed. I had met with another company prior to our meeting with Jonathan... what a difference. His level of professionalism and expertise in the area was amazing. He was not just there to make a sale, he wanted to also help my wife and I to understand why going solar has many benefits beyond the pocketbook. Just to be sure, I met with yet another company and was sold. Not only did we end up with a system that is excellent for our family's needs, producing well beyond the projections, but the price was excellent to boot! Furthermore, turn around time on the project was astounding. Work began a couple of weeks after agreeing to go with Simmitri and the roof was replaced and solar installed in a week.
Overall, if you are looking for solar, I could not recommend Simmitri enough."

Andrea N.

"Jonathan and the Simmitri crew did a fantastic job with our roof and solar installation. It's a big job. We needed new connections to PG&E including a new high tension line installed between the poles on my property and next door (squirrels!!!). The roof install and solar went super well - Simmitri took care of everything, permits, inspections (and there were quite a few), plans etc. All of the crew were super professional, super clean and every day during the job our home was left clean. They even did a great job on the deck roof - hot tar and all. Overall it was a great experience!"

Roger T.

"I just want to say if you are interested in having your gutters installed, look no further than Simmitri roofing and gutters. I had called four roofers and I was just impressed with the way Jonathan told me how they were going to do the job. They came out on time did an amazing job on the gutters replaced some broken tiles. No Charge. The three workers that came out-- Gus, Evan, and a third roofer-- were all very professional. They were very clean. Just letting you know, if you're looking for gutters to replace look no further. For the work that was done the price was good."

Thomas F.

"I loved working with Simmitri. They are professional, answered all my questions, went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. They are affordable and have the golden seal of approval which makes me happy. They have to comply with the golden seal of approval to obtain this and they will come out and check the property to make sure it is up to their standards. I had no doubt they would be in compliance they are great to work with. We re-roofed 2 roofs on our commercial building and it was very affordable. I looked at 4 different companies and they had the best financing, best service, and best-looking roofs. I would definitely recommend them!"

Megan B.

"We received knowledgeable advice. The person we spoke to was very well informed which helped us make the decision to install the panels. Our goal was to have the panels installed before the new year for the tax advantage. With only a few weeks until the end of the year, they were able to expertly install the panels in time. We were kept informed every step of the way including scheduled meetings with the city's building inspector. We are very happy with the results!!!"

Brian A.

"Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] is my go-to roofing company. I rest assured knowing I will receive professional expert advice and execution from beginning to end. I appreciate their diligence in providing me with progress reports without my having to pick up the phone to ask. Thank you Affordable Roofing."

Marilyn W.

"Consummate professionals. I hired them to remove and replace my solar array when I needed a roof repair. They were quick with quote and explained all the details, gave a fair price, and worked very well with my roofer even though I was not using their roofing service (and the roofer ended up being way off his original time estimate). They returned calls in a timely manner, and and kept in touch with me about progress all through the job. I will be returning to them if I have need of solar panel work in the future."

Carolyn S.

I met with two other companies before deciding to go with "Simmitri for solar on our home. Their sales consultant came to our house and answered all of our questions and explained everything thoroughly. He made us completely comfortable with our decision to choose Simmitri. He was on time from the very first meeting, honest, knowledgeable, and responsive throughout the entire process. Any question I had was answered almost immediately, and if it wasn't answered right away, someone at least acknowledged that they were looking into it and got back to me. The communication is what made my experience with Simmitri exceptional, not to mention the solar looks great and is producing even better. I would highly recommend them, amazing product and amazing customer service!"

Lisa B.

"I was highly recommended to Simmitri by a friend and our neighbors. I was advised they were previously known as Affordable Roofing and Solar. We preferred a local roofing business to make some repairs to our roof since some of our cement tiles were cracked and loose on top of our two-story home. When I called, Mike was very professional and courteous. He scheduled our estimate and emailed us our repair proposal with pictures. Way to go Simmitri, thank you for going paperless! 🙂
Even after completing the job, I added on a special request. In the last rain, we had a waterfall of water coming out of our gutter. This gutter was hard to reach and Charlie happily agreed to check it out, this reassured me. We also had been hearing critters in the attic and wanted to seal off any entrances they may have found. Charlie did great work on our roof and we have not had any critters since (or gutter waterfalls)!!! He was so kind as to return back to our home and clean our gutter. Rachel was also a pleasure to work with, she answered all my payment questions and sent us an email receipt.
If you are looking for professional and kind service, call Simmitri and schedule your appointment asap. We had to wait for our estimate appointment and our repair appointment because of lots of homeowners preparing for the anticipated "El Nino" storm. Work was completed as promised on our repair appointment date and no debris left behind. Well worth the wait. I am highly satisfied with their service and glad that our roof is ready for the rain coming! ^_^"

E. V.

"Simmitri has cleverly differentiated themselves by offering a comprehensive approach towards energy sustainability for homes using state of the art technology. Prior to installing a cool roof, SunPower solar, and Juicebox energy storage, they found deadly levels of carbon monoxide in our home while conducting an energy assessment. Simmitri immediately contacted PG&E who confirmed deadly carbon monoxide. PG&E capped the gas line and said the furnace had to be replaced. At this time, furnace contractors were backed up since we were moving into the El Nino cool weather pattern just before the holiday season. Simmitri partners with an excellent service provider who quickly installed an energy-efficient furnace right before Thanksgiving. Our new SunPower solar system has been exceeding expectations, powering the house, AND charging up the JuiceBox batteries during the day so that we can use the stored solar energy at night. This energy storage system is very cool and will also keep our house running if there is a power outage. Interestingly, JuiceBox sends extra energy to the grid during peak demand but keeps enough energy to power my house until the sun rises again. Beyond the cutting edge technology, the sales professionals, roofers, electricians, and engineers were a pleasant group to have working in our home."

Margaret G.

"I am just in the planning and research stage of my solar project, but I had to review Simmitri because they have been so helpful and not pushy at all. Jason has been very patient and honest and extremely helpful. I have an electric car and when he learned about how high my electric bill was he gave me detailed advice about dealing with PG&E. I called PG&E and explained what was going on and learned that I qualify for a $500 rebate, which I already received! So I'm grateful to Jason and PG&E! We have a lot of shade and Jason has been great about explaining the limitations, but still offering us viable options. I really appreciate how he explains everything clearly. Some companies tell us to forget it altogether and others tell us to cut down the trees. We can't because they aren't our trees, plus, cutting down trees has a negative impact on the environment as well, obviously. Anyway, we'll be meeting with Simmitri soon and they've already won my trust!"

Stephanie T.

"We are so happy with our decision to get a new roof and go solar with Simmitri! We had been researching companies for a few months before scheduling a meeting with one of Simmitri's sales consultants. After meeting with him, we knew we didn't need to speak with anyone else. He was both knowledgeable and extremely patient with all of our questions. He explained that their years of experience with roofing is what sets them apart from other solar companies. Would you want a random company poking a bunch of holes in your roof? I wouldn't... so the fact that they are a roofing company was so reassuring. They were all friendly and professional from beginning to end. The sales consultant was there or at least checked in with us at every step of the process. I especially appreciated that they include energy testing of our house as a standard before they start the installation. They told us if we begin with replacing certain lightbulbs and put new weather stripping around the doors that it would lower our energy bill and we wouldn't have to pay for as many solar panels. The honesty and integrity involved were so impressive. There were a few delays in installation due to weather, but they were constantly communicating with us so we always felt like we were in the loop on everything. I would definitely recommend Simmitri."

Dawn C.

"We met with Chadwick, an energy consultant from Simmitri yesterday. We were very impressed with his ability to hear what we wanted to accomplish and how to best address our immediate needs as well as future energy needs *we plan on getting an electric car but that won't be available for at least 1.5 years. We were concerned about environmental impact and the right timing for us to implement solar. His approach was comprehensive advising us on ways we can decrease our energy footprint by looking at not only solar but sealing the house to lose less of the heating and cooling, evaluation of the ductwork to maximize the throughput of heating, sealing gaps. ... He was able to advise the best options now as well as the energy generation we will need when we get the electric car. We really appreciated his honesty and advice. Would recommend this outfit if you want people who listen and try to right-size a solution for you (not just their "bottom line")"

Tina M.

"After meeting with 6 different Bay Area solar companies, we finally settled on Simmitri for our residential solar installation. Simmitri not only did an exceptional job installing our 39-panel array but was the only company able to do all the underlayment roofing work required to allow our tile-roofed house to support solar.  Jonathan Garcia and Pedro Nomberto were very responsive to our requests for how we wanted the system to look and operate and provided the education we needed to understand the various solar options available.  We are now meeting all our energy needs with solar energy, including charging our new electric vehicle, saving hundreds of dollars per month on PG&E and gasoline savings.  We are totally satisfied with the outcome and appreciate how they stand behind their work.  Thank you Simmitri!"

Adam T.

"Affordable Solar Roofing [Simmitri] has just completed the solar panel system at my home in San Lorenzo. From start to finish, [Simmitri] was professional, courteous, and provided top quality work with high-quality solar equipment. The sales staff provided very detailed information and educated me on all the options available which will benefit me best. The planning was well thought out and optimized the equipment to match my home for maximum efficiency. The installation of the system was done by top quality contractors with care and craftsmanship. I work for an electric company and have seen many different companies and system installations. [Simmitri] is by far one of the best in the business. The quality and professionalism of [Simmitri] should put them first on your list of companies to consider if you are looking for a solar panel system!"

Ignacio A.

"We were complete "know-nothings" when we started investigating solar power. After an exhaustive search, we selected Simmitri (Affordable Roofing & Solar) and couldn't possibly be more pleased. The salesman was knowledgable and accessible....but was wise enough to look for answers when he wasn't certain. That, alone, was a selling point! When it came time for the installation (the company replaced one half of our roof before installing the panels) everything went forward on schedule and very promptly. We asked the company to save the tiles they removed from the old roof for our future use in a remodel and they not only agreed but returned later to move the pallets with the tiles to a location on the property that is more convenient for us. All questions asked subsequent to installation have been answered promptly and to our satisfaction. We are delighted to give this company a five-star rating!"

Mary S.

"Now that we've had a taste of El Nino and some real storms, I'm ready to give a strong recommendation to Simmitri and especially technician Charlie Mayo. We had 4 roofing firms out to look at some roof leakage problems we've had for years. Charlie's diagnosis of the problem was completely different from all the other 3 - and the fix was much cheaper. He took pictures, did some analysis, got back to us promptly, then did the work quickly. And now we know it really worked - great job!"

Rick H.

"This company is good and I'll tell you why. As usual, I get 3 bids for just about any work. Simmitri was by far the most responsive and easiest to deal with. They just have their act together and really seem to do their best to make a big job look easy. They seem to anticipate my questions and had the answers right away. They also show up on time when they say they will, which I'm sad to say actually something apparently consumers can't expect much of anymore." 

Samhain M.

"I would give Pam Garcia 5 stars every time she and her staff (Charlie) come to help us with our roof. Not only are they extremely competent and knowledgeable but they are GREAT with customer service. Pam is active with the Gilroy and Morgan Hill Chambers of Commerce and year after year, they are commended as Master Elite Roofing contractors. I have recommended them over and over again to friends who have needed a new roof or to have their roof fixed. When it comes to Solar, Pam knows the technology behind the products and she is attentive to details for complete customer satisfaction."

Cheryl E.

I have to give Pam Garcia and Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] five stars for the brilliant job they did on my roof.

I got their information because they are Certified GAF Installers. To my knowledge, GAF is the manufacturer of the best roofing material and certify only the best contractors.

They had the old roof off, replaced the rotted wood beams, placed fresh plywood, and installed our new shingles, gutters and vents. They matched our house color and painted the flashings too. They were in and out in 3 days. I've seen many neighbors have their roofing jobs stall for WEEKS! The prices we were offered were fair in comparison to the other bids we received as well. They also did a great job cleaning up the yard, leaving no nails behind.

I probably sound like a commercial. But of all of the contractors, I've had at my house - and there have been plenty - [Simmitri] is the ONLY one that I'd refer to a friend."

Joel V.

"Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] installed our new roof 2+ years ago. Our neighbor installed a new roof for about 2 years before us. Our neighbor initially raved about their roofer, but after the one-year warranty expired, they experienced problems and rescinded their strongly positive recommendation they previously told us.

We settled on using [Simmitri]. We own a 4,400+ square feet home, two stories, with a very steep roof. Their roofers worked very hard. They were very respectful of my family, my home, and my neighborhood -- and cleaned up at the end of each day. We had a large portion of our new roof installed as solar voltaic panels that were integrated into the roofing tiles. It is hard to tell these solar panels from the non-solar roofing material. [Simmitri] also replaced our solar hot water system and replaced all of our gutters with pre-painted gutters that (amazingly) identically matched the trim color of our home. There were some "hiccups" early on, but [Simmitri] was quite rapid in their response to correct things.

We remain extremely happy with our new roof, solar energy, and solar hot water. The color they helped us pick looks better than I anticipated. Each day when I drive up to our garage I remain very pleased with the roof's appearance, and truly enjoy that we have an energy-producing roof, too.

I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending [Simmitri]."

Mark S.

"Affordable [Simmitri] installed a 6.72 kW solar electric energy system on our roof last October. Our roof is pretty new so we did not have a roof installed, although they did some minor roof repair while they were installing the solar (at no charge). I was completely satisfied with all aspects of the job, workmanship, materials, clean up procedures, training, and personnel. Every person I came in contact with was not only professional and knowledgeable but helpful and courteous! There were a few problems getting the County inspection sign off, but it was our issue. We had to install smoke detectors in each of our rooms with a battery back up to bring our house up to code. Even though we have hard-wired smoke detectors and a sprinkler system, the county wanted more :(. [Simmitri] offered to install them for us at no charge, but my husband ended up doing it. The whole process is very involved and I was happy to be working with people who have been doing this for some time. Jonathan's knowledge and expertise on solar and roofing were unmatched by any of the other salespeople I spoke with! They walked me through each step and were very flexible with regards to my schedule! After they hooked up the monitoring system, they came back and trained me on how to use it and find the information I needed to track my systems output.

I spent almost a year comparing systems, companies, prices, and products. I also did a buy vs lease analysis with buying exceeding the advantages over leasing. [Simmitri] also offered to finance the purchasewhich was very attractive. I interviewed and received quotes from Poco Solar, Verengo, SolarCity, The Solar Company, and Sungevity. Poco Solar and [Simmitri] were the only companies I would consider after all my research. [Simmitri] won over Poco Solar for several reasons, including my gut feelings :). The system they installed is American-made and the best panels on the market right now. Their quote was complete and I was able to deal with the same person who sold me the system. Most of the salespeople cannot answer all the questions I had because they just sell and then hand you off to someone else. [Simmitri] has been in business for a very long time and is in good standing with the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce and they run their company with honesty and integrity. They were the only company that has their own partner/people installing solar on the roof and are qualified to fix my roof if I have a problem. Most of the others hire subcontractors to install the system and know nothing about roofs.

I have been very happy with my decision to hire [Simmitri] and to invest in solar. We have already seen our PG&E bill drop considerably and it's still winter. It is also exciting to see your meter run backward, meaning I am saving money and the environment. If you have any other questions that I can answer, please feel free to contact me again."

Denise B.

"Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] just performed roof repairs at our house and we are so pleased. They were prompt in communicating, fair priced, and did an excellent and quick job. Chuck was great. The front office was kind and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them. Thanks, Chuck! :-)"

Christy B.

"As a real estate agent, I've worked with Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] on behalf of both buyers and sellers. They are always responsive to my needs, the office staff is great and the owners, Pamela and Richard Garcia, always available to answer my clients' questions. It's an efficiently run business and is sensitive to their customer's needs. [Simmitri] is also a valued member of the community as they contribute and volunteer for many local organizations. Definitely an asset to our community!"

Marian T.

"Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] - professional from the first call to the folks who come out to help you understand whether or not your roof needs any repair. I've always felt they treat you according to how they would like to be treated - top of the line! They educate you about options for materials and pricing and are certified by industry watchdogs as the top of their field. Pamela and Rich Garcia, ethical owners who work their business! Don't worry about what your roof needs - call Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] and find out today!"

Lynn W.

"We recently worked with Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] to tear off our old tile roof and replace it with a premium composite shingle roof with added insulation to our second floor. Before we began down the road of deciding when/how/with what to replace the tile, a system which had never been watertight and had been leaking for years prior to our purchasing the home months ago, they were recommended to do the roof inspection when we were in the process of purchasing the home. On that day, when we met, two separate sets of soon-to-be neighbors came outside when they saw the Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] truck - simply to tell us that they had had work done by them and were very very pleased.

Our experience was precisely the same. We worked with Jim, whom I cannot recommend highly enough, through the difficult decisions of when to do it (financially) and what product to use. Jim was patient and honest and not once did I sense that he was more interested in writing a contract than in helping us find our way to protecting our home from the elements.

This being said, of course, we spoke with other roofing companies before signing on with [Simmitri]. We shopped the project around to three other roofers. [Simmitri] was still the lowest price, offered a longer guarantee on their work (very different than the warranty on the materials which all companies do), and continued to be the best all-around.

We finished the roof just days ago. Jim managed the project with great attention and the crew was professional and friendly. They worked efficiently and carefully. The new roof looks fantastic and the peace of mind knowing that our home is protected and more energy efficient is priceless.

In short, working with [Simmitri] was as great an experience as we could have hoped for. I recommend them highly."

Kristin M.

"How should I start? Well, Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] has redefined my view on contractors. Now I believe that outstanding contractors with reasonable prices do exist! I seldom write long reviews, but I have to because they deserve a detailed review.

First off, my problem -
I extended my current home in 1998 and believe it or not, the extension's roof was leaking in multiple places this spring. Since I haven't changed my home's roof when it was purchased in 1996, we (my husband and I) figured it is time to get a new roof.

In the past, I've had a terrible experience with contractors, so I was not sure what to expect, but was I in for a surprise?! I am so satisfied with [Simmitri] that I can't wait to write this review!

Here's my roofing experience with them:

1. My first call

I called [Simmitri] to ask for information about roofing and to schedule an appointment. I talked to Pam, who is the owner. She patiently listened to my problem, answered all my questions in detail, and scheduled an appointment to take the roof's measurement. One impressive thing that I noticed -- she provided details of the appointment. She included the staff's name (Charles) who would be coming over and explained clearly what the appointment would involve. She even covered the printed information Charles would be bringing over.

2. Roof Measurement Appt

Charlie showed up punctually and dressed in a company polo. He was very friendly yet professional. He checked the attic for our insulation request and gave us a folder of roofing information. He efficiently took the measurement of the roof and gutters and took pictures. My husband and I had a lot of questions, Charlie answered all of them in detail. The appointment took almost an hour because 45 minutes were used to address our questions. 🙂

3. Choosing the Materials

Because roofing material's costs vary, it was recommended to select types of materials before [Simmitri] could provide the estimate. So my husband and I made an appointment with Pam to go over the materials. At the appointment, I was positively surprised that Pam went over the full roofing process. She clearly went over the process step by step, detailing what to expect about each installation step and estimated days to complete (3 days for my home according to her estimate). She showed me samples of each upgrade options and explained the pros and cons of each, but no sales pitch. Pam suggested using shingles instead of tiles because my roof was not really visible from the street, therefore, no need to spend extra to deck it up.
She also showed me her recommended color of shingles for my home based on the picture Charles took before. After most details were covered, we started chit-chatting and we ended up talking for quite a while. A few days later, my husband and I selected a few materials and requested Pam for the quotes on each selection. She gladly and promptly did so. Their prices were good. Another thing I noticed is that the permit fee would be covered by the owner because unlike a lot of other roofing contractors, [Simmitri] does not charge a flat fee for a permit to make money.
4. Signing the contract

We selected the 50-year shingles with a golden warranty from GAF. I called Pam, and she emailed me the contract. Unfortunately, my work email filtered it out. Luckily Pam called me the next day to confirm my receipt and in case I had any questions. In any case, she re-sent it, and I received it through another email account. I went through the contract and it was clear without mistakes. I signed and faxed it back. After their receipt of the fax, Rachel at [Simmitri] called and I gave them the deposit.

5. Installation

The first-day their workers showed up on time, at 7 or 7:30 am, just as Pam promised. They were courteous and did not disturb us. Okay, hammering and walking on the roof was heard, but they did not bother us. The permit was obtained from the city and posted at our home. They spent the first day ripping off my old roof and checking for dry rot. By late afternoon, the [Simmitri] office called me (I was at work) and told me that more dry rot was found than they expected. They were going to show us where the rotted wood was and how it looked. When I came home, the workers had cleaned up completely! No garbage on my driveway! YES!"

Teresa L.

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