Real Estate Energy Inspections

Toda'y real estate agent operates in one of the most competitive and volatile markets. As an agent, you need every advatnage possible to attract and retain customers. With the growth of interest in energy efficient homes, healthy homes and sustainability in general, it can be a distinct advantage to sell and market a home that has gone through an energy assessment. Clients want an agent they can trust; one who cares about their comfort and safety, one who represents them and works on their behalf.

Energy assessment primarily focus on increasing a home's energy efficiency while maintaining or improving the health, safety and comfort of the people in the home, making it more desirable to potential buyers. The energy assessment can also identify upfront, any weakness in the overall energy efficiency of the home and potential health hazards.

Disclosing or correcting these issues prior to the sales negotiation, eliminates delays and offers more value and peace-of-mind to both the seller and buyer. Providing a better post-sale customer experience creates higher satisfaction and brand loyalty which leads to higher referral rates.