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Increase Property Value

Solar panels are a smart capital investment for businesses. They have short payback periods, provide steady financial returns, and help business owners protect against unpredictable and rising energy prices. Going solar also makes it easier for companies to budget, manage cash flow and plan for the future. In addition to the financial incentives to go solar, many employees and potential customers are attracted to sustainable businesses that promote good stewardship of the environment.

Federal Tax Credits

This year qualified owners can get a dollar-for-dollar tax deduction for up to 26% of the cost of installing a new solar power system if construction begins by December 31, 2020. If your organization decides that zero-down leasing the solar is the best option, there are still ways to take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit through reduced cost within the structure of the lease. There can be other tax benefits such as 5-year accelerated depreciation of system cost and State tax incentives.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Consumers of solar should first look at ways to reduce energy consumption before sizing their site for solar.   This can be accomplished with an energy audit.  The energy audit will determine if there is significant energy loss within the building envelope, along with helpful recommendations to reduce or eliminate such waste.  Reducing energy consumption through low-cost energy efficiency measures, can reduce the size of solar thereby optimizing their return on investment.  

Rooftop Revenue for Landlords

Landlords or property owners can now benefit by earning revenue above the roof, not just within the confines of the building. For building owners with multiple tenants, solar can be easily tracked through automation. A software/hardware solution that allows aggregate billing of both proprietary solar power and grid-tied energy, reducing energy costs for ALL occupants of a building while providing quick system amortization and passive revenue capture for decades. Most building owners today understand the advantages of a solar energy power plant for their facilities. Like a building, a solar power plant is a commodity and should be treated the same as any other billable service. It’s your capital, there is no reason it shouldn’t work for you.


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