Restoring the Balance of Power™

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At Simmitri, we empower our customers to become energy progressive through our holistic approach to efficient, sustainable energy-use solutions.

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Careful Consideration

Careful Consideration

There is no guesswork at Simmitri. We do not simply look at an electric bill as most others only do. By utilizing building science principles, our building performance analysts will evaluate the whole home and recommend energy improvements before finalizing the solar system design.

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Confidence Restored

Confidence Restored

Simmitri's customers can rest assured knowing that everything possible has been done to create energy balance in their favor, and that they will have the most energy efficient and healthy home possible.

Gain Energy Independence!

Reduce Before You Produce


Reduce Before You Produce

At Simmitri we are committed to an industry unique "reduce before you produce" energy-approach. Our goal is to identify simple, cost effective ways to reduce the existing energy bill, prior to solar. We can then design the most efficient, appropriately sized solar system for our customers, who can then live comfortably and smile as they watch their electric meter run backwards!

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  • "The [Simmitri] staff provided very detailed information and educated me on all the options available which will benefit me best. The planning was well thought out and optimized the equipment to match my home for maximum efficiency."

    - Ignacio Alvarez (satisfied customer)

  • "We are now meeting all our energy needs with solar energy, including charging our new electric vehicle, saving hundreds of dollars per month on PG&E and gasoline savings. We are totally satisfied with the outcome and appreciate how they stand behind their work. Thank you Simmitri!"

    - Adam Travis (satisfied customer)

  • "I have been very happy with my decision to hire [Simmitri] and to invest in solar. We have already seen our PG&E bill drop considerably and it's still winter. It is also exciting to see your meter run backwards, meaning I am saving money and the environment."

    - Denise Brown (satisfied customer)

  • "Simmitri has cleverly differentiated themselves by offering a comprehensive approach towards energy sustainability for homes. Beyond the cutting edge technology, the sales professionals, roofers, electricians, and engineers were a pleasant group to have working in our home.”

    - Margaret Stodger (satisfied customer)